Wet painting

We offer our services to our customers over 20 years. We do manual painting with conventional colors as well as with water-dilutable colors in one or more layers.

We efficiently adapt to the customer requirements because of our 21 varnishing boxes, our own transport and storage possibilities.

Based on the type of product, final surface treatment and other requirements, we paint the parts at a predetermined location.


One of our services is also delivery of assembled parts, whetrer it is simple assebly or riveting or gluing process. We are prepared to take over the existing assembly process from our customers. But we are also able to specify our own approach for new products.

We assemble parts for the railway and aviation industry.

Logistics center → distribution center

In 2019 we have in plan to build a new production hall with an area of 2.000m2. This place will be used for a storage of the products. Therefore we will be able to keep short delivery terms according to customer agreed requirements.

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